I am grateful to my family, and especially my brother, for the upbringing and love of art.


From childhood, I grew up under the influence of music from my brother’s music library. It is not surprising that from the age of 7, in fact, I was able to play the acoustic guitar. But the most important thing for the formation of my personality in this matter was that at such a young age I composed music. I gave music to a large half of my life and continue to do it with pleasure to this day.

A large number of concerts with his group entailed long journeys. Surely, long and long trips on tours influenced my passion for photography. Often on the road you start to see a little more in the window than just a beautiful field or forest, city or village. So in 2006, I thoroughly began to develop visual thinking. Then there were different photos of the school, photo courses, participation in competitions, exhibitions, etc. In general, there is no point in talking a lot about photography, as well as music. Photography is feelings.

An important event for me was an unexpected acquaintance with painting. This happened not so long ago when I turned 31 years old. But, I believe that in life everything happens when we need it. Thanks to abstract painting, I rediscovered my own inner world and began to comprehend the outer even more. A special sign was when the paintings began to be sold and sold around the world, not limited to Ukraine. Initially, I was convinced, and I am of the same opinion now that every house should have a picture, without it it is empty and unsaid ...

Wandering around different social networks for artists and producing material, I came to the conclusion that right now the time has come when I need my own website where I can share with you, my dear friend, what I can do - abstract painting and modern photography. And I will be grateful to you if I prove to be at least something useful. Thanks!

oleksii nosenko painter&photographer